I am a Certified Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Coach

Live on Long Island? I offer Dr. Sears' L.E.A.N. programs

Did you know...

- ~20% of U.S. kids ages 6-11 are overweight (17% ages 12-19)

- Overweight kids have a 25% chance of becoming overweight adults

- 56% of 8 year olds consume soft drinks daily

- On average, adolescents get 11% of their calories from soft drinks

- Obesity is the #1 concern of parents

- Just because the food label says "healthy" doesn't mean it REALLY is

- Kids that eat healthy are sick less often

- Wellness can improve a child's behavior, attitude and ability to learn

- Active kids feel better

As a Dr. Sears Certified L.E.A.N. Coach:

I am trained to help work with parents to help children and families learn healthy behaviors that fit with the busy lives and tight budgets most families have today. 

Listen to an interview with Dr. Sears L.E.A.N.
Director of Education, Dominique Hodgin on:
How the heck do I get my kids to eat healthy?
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I offer the following Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. programs:

Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Essentials
Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Start

 Other Programs



What is L.E.A.N.?

Lifestyle:  How You Live

Be wise: 
   "Make healthy choices.”
•Be smart: 
   “Learn what keeps you healthy.”
•Be responsible: 
   “Take responsibility for
your health.”

Exercise:  How You Move

•Make fitness fun!
•Enhance pleasure / enjoyment of movement
•Exercise Improves:
  -  Motor skill development
  -  Balance &  Coordination
  -  Cardiovascular fitness
  -  Muscular strength and endurance

Attitude:  How You Think

•Stop negative thinking.
•Enhance self-confidence
•Improve problem solving

Nutrition:  How You Eat

•Learn how to identify food cravings.
•Discover how to best fuel your body!
•How to lose body fat the LEAN way!
•Make wise food choices!
•Healthfully eat when on the run!

 How the LEAN programs work:

The LEAN Programs work through synergy. If you put a group of nutrients together in a well-balanced meal, and the body absorbs the nutrients better than it would if the same vitamins and minerals were isolated in a vitamin pill. Think-tanks put a group of people together in a room, each one with a different field of expertise, and they feed off one another, developing ideas together that none of them could have thought of alone. This is why the LEAN program works. When you put all the four components together, each individual one works better.

There are more “shoulds” than “should nots” in the L.E.A.N. program, and the results last, unlike other diet and fitness programs that promise quick results but don't deliver in the long run. Children and families will feel fit; a three-letter word that economically describes what healthy living is all about. Individuals not only fit better into their clothing, but also with their family, school or job.  Get on the LEAN program before you get sick; and use this rejuvenating program to not only prevent illness, but to simply feel great! 


I am the only Dr. Sears Certified Coach on Long Island.

I can help you:

- Develop a lifetime of healthy habits for the entire family 

- Improve the mood, learning and behavior of children through proper nutrition

- Make nutrition easy and fun, while preparing healthy foods that taste great

- Avoid nutrition related diseases

- Keep children and family members physically active with play

Don't live on Long Island but want to attend a Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Program? Find a L.E.A.N. Coach in your area.

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