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Looking for a Health & Wellness Workshop

for your Group or Organization?


The Bad News...

- ~67% of U.S. adults are overweight (34% obese)

- 20% of Americans get < 6 hours sleep a night

- Lack of sleep results in decreased efficiency and productivity

- Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue

- 2/3 of all visits to family physicians are due to stress-related symptoms

- Stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death—heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide

The Good News... 
- Weight loss results in more energy

- Sleep helps you retain and process new information

- When you sleep, your body restore and rejuvenate itself

- Water helps cleanse and rid the body of toxins

- 64% of Americans say they are taking steps to reduce stress

- Play and laughter can reduce stress



I will work with you to put together an employee or member health and wellness workshop.

My workshops don't end up being just another one of those programs people can passively attend.

My workshops are fun, creative, engaging and most importantly-- they get people into action!

My wellness programs are designed to help people achieve their individual goals.

How does the organization benefit?

The organization's employees or members may experience:

  • Weight reduction
  • Increased energy
  • Less sick leave
  • Enhanced wellbeing
  • Less stress
  • Greater morale
  • Increased productivity
  • And much, much more!!

To bring my group workshops to your organization, please contact me.




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