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Tired of searching for information on the internet?
Don't have the time to read a ton of books?
Need important information NOW? 
I have a special treat for you!!! 
As the founder of Health for Parents, I continuously strive to educate and inform parents on issues related to health and wellness. As a parent, I certainly know that busy schedules make it difficult to find the time to invest in learning more. Sure it is easy to look something up on the Internet but, I know I can get sucked into cyberspace for hours. I also know that I could pick up a book but, truth is-- I have a list of 50 books I want to read-- I just don't have the time it takes to read them. Plus, when I am on the Internet or simply reading a book, I can't get my questions answered immediately and I know how frustrating that can be.
I bring you, Health and Wellness in No Time: Tell Me More!
I have teamed up with a number of phenomenal experts to bring quick and easy information and solutions right to your phone! That's right-- in just one hour a week, without even having to leave the convenience of your own home, I give you the information you have asked for to make your life simpler and keep your family healthy -- and you even get the opportunity to get your questions answered personally by the experts!
This autumn, allow your health and wellness to fall into place in no time as we discuss:
  • How the heck do I get my kids to eat healthy?
  • The inner brillance: Autism, ADD, and ADHD
  • How does my child's body work?
  • Have your best school year ever
  • Make love not war: Positive discipline
  • 5 habits every parent should break
  • Tapping to the rescue-- no kidding: An introduction to EFT
  • Win-Win makes life easier for all: Mediation for families
  • Hooray for veggies 
  • 10 things you can do right now to improve your financial health
  • What is lurking in my home?
  • Vaccine risks, benefits and choices

All it takes is one hour a week to increase your knowledge and enhance your health and wellness. That's right, my featured experts will be giving you tons of solutions to some of the most pressing issues parents deal with everyday. Guaranteed, you will walk away from this teleseminar series with:

  • Plenty of time-saving and budget-saving tips and tricks
  • A greater awareness of your own and your kids' health and wellness
  • Knowledge on exactly what to do to get your kids to eat healthy and achieve in school
  • Simple and effective ways to reduce your stress when it comes to finances, relationships, discipline, and organization
  • NEW ideas for heading off tantrums and working with kids' special needs
  • NEW techniques for improving your health and even enhancing prosperity

If you want to learn more without having to invest additional time and money-- then go ahead and register NOW

Want MORE than just information? By participating in all 12 live calls, you will be entered into a drawing. That's right--- there is an additional prize JUST for participants!! 
What prize?
Well, given your commitment to health and wellness, I will be raffling of a 3 month coaching package--- that's a $777 value just for participating! Now, this is something I NEVER do - so, be sure to take advantage! Want to learn more about raffle eligibility? Register NOW!!
OK, Logistics:
The teleseminar series will take place on Thursday evenings at 8PM EST (7PM CST/ 6PM MST / 5PM PST). The calls will run for approximately 1 hour. The first 45 minutes will be interview format and the remaining 15 minutes will be an opportunity to get your questions answered!!! Yes, you will have the chance to ask questions to the featured expert! All you need to do is look for my email with the dial-in details, dial the number at the scheduled time, and you are on!
Can't make the scheduled time? No worries--- if you are registered for the call, I will send you a link to the replay. The replay will be available for one week after the call. After that time, the interviews will ONLY be available to Health for Parents members.
I am so excited about the series and sharing tons of useful information that you can use too in your everyday life!
Be sure to REGISTER so you receive the dial-in information and the replay.
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Talk to you on Thursday at 8PM EST!


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