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Jan 12

Written by: Coach Danielle
1/12/2010 8:18 AM

Feeling like you just can't get any exercise in because it is too cold to get outside? Does the thought of getting into a cold car to get to the gym just make you nuts?

Don't despair.... you CAN still get moving. In fact, if you are looking to warm up, moving that body can actually work to your benefit and get you warm :)  Who said exercise can't be fun? Here are some ideas for getting yourself and your family moving:

  • Turn on some music and just dance.
  • Remember Twister??  Get some stretching in and Twist your way to fun!
  • Start cleaning that basement (or junk closet)! --- yes, cleaning burns calories!
  • While you are on the phone, sitting around, do a few squats or a few leg lifts
  • Chase your kids around the house (I know, this is something you do without even trying LOL)
  • Walk up and down the stairs a few extra times. Rather than taking everything upstairs or downstairs at once, may a few trips.

You would be amazed how you can make anything an exercise. Slow down a bit as you are putting away toys, clothes, or whatever and use your muscles more consciously. You may not be able to get out as much but, you can still squeeze in plenty of exercise.

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