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Mar 30

Written by: Coach Danielle
3/30/2010 1:23 PM

Yes, you can dye your Easter eggs naturally! Skip the artificial food coloring.
  1. Use a mug or large glass for each color you wish to make.
  2. Place the colorant into each mug
    • Brown: 2 teabags or several tablespoons of coffee grinds
    • Red: several tablespoons of paprika
    • Pink: piece of a beet or 2 berry teabags or mashed frozen raspberries or red fruit juice
    • Purple: fill cup 1/3 with grape juice
    • Yellow: several tablespoons of turmeric
    • Orange: yellow onion skins
    • Blue: red cabbage leaves or frozen blueberries (mash a bit in mug)
    • Green: spinach (mash a bit in mug)
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to each mug
  4. Add ~ 1/2 cup of boiling water to each mug and mix
  5. Dip eggs in solution. Remember, the longer the egg remains in the solution, the darker your colors will be.
  6. Allow your eggs to dry.
  7. If you wish for a shiny coating, you can rub with a little bit of olive or vegetable oil

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